Chiropractor’s Care Curbed by Arbitrator

In a recent case tried before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission pursuant to Section 19(b) of the Act, G. Steven Murdock of our office secured a victory using a “full-duty, MMI” opinion from Dr. Richard Shermer.  The case involved a claimant who, following an accepted work accident, received conservative care for a lumbar spine injury…


Candidate Bill Brady on WC Reform

With the 2010 election year upon us, Inman & Fitzgibbons wants to keep its clients informed of positions taken by the various candidates on workers’ compensation reform and other policies that impact our clients’ businesses. It is not the intention of Inman and Fitzgibbons to endorse any candidacy through these posts, but rather to keep…


Proposed Improvements to the IWCC

Our firm is currently working with the Illinois Chamber of Commerce Employment Law Council’s Workers Compensation Committee to submit recommendations to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission for improvements to its operations, both from a technical and a non-technical perspective. If you have any ideas or suggestions as to what you would like to see changed,…


IWCC 2009 Annual Report is Online

The FY09 annual report is now available online here. Highlights, according to recently appointed Chairman Weisz, include: In FY09, the Commission collected $1.2 million in fines from 105 uninsured employers with 1,300 workers that were found to be operating without workers’ compensation insurance. These fines were used to pay $1.4 million in benefits to 38…


Surcharge Fee Refund Deadline is June 1, 2010

As we previously reported, The Illinois Chamber of Commerce filed suit on the basis that the 1.5% surcharge on workers’ compensation insurance premiums and a similar “payroll tax” on self-insured employersconstituted an unauthorized tax on Illinois employers and insurers. The suit sought to reduce the level of the fees assessed against employers and insurance carriers…


I&F Scores a Victory in Repetitive Trauma Claim

Illinois employers are well-aware of the difficulties and expense posed by repetitive trauma claims.  Inman and Fitzgibbons is  happy to report that we recently prevailed at trial on just such a claim.   In this case, the petitioner, a counselor at a correctional facility, was claiming a right-sided carpal tunnel claim which required a surgical release. …


Appellate Court rules teacher’s AWW is calculated from 39-week school year in Washington District 50 Schools v. IWCC

In Washington District 50 Schools v. Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, (No. 3-08-0923WC Oct. 16, 2009), the Court affirmed a Workers’ Compensation Commission finding that ruled a school teacher that was paid an annual salary of $40,416.48 will have an average weekly wage of $1,036.32, based on the number of weeks (39) that she actually worked…