Legislative Update: “Major Contributing Cause” Measure Advances in IL House

According to our friends at the Illinois Chamber of Commerce, HB 6218 was sent to the House Labor Committee earlier this week. HB 6218 amends the Workers’ Compensation Act and establishes a new causation standard.  In addition to defining the terms “accident” and “injury,” the bill provides that “injury” includes the aggravation of a pre-existing condition…


Illinois WC Legislative Update

On Wednesday, the Senate Committee on Assignments advanced several proposals by the Illinois Chamber Of Commerce for workers’ compensation reform to the Senate Labor Committee. The following five proposals are posted for hearing next week: SB 2625, sponsored by Sen. McCarter, Sen. Righter, Sen. Duffy and Sen. Oberweis: overturns Interstate Scaffolding decision and allows an…


Pork, Sausage, & WC Legislation

A legislative update for our clients and Illinois employers and insurers from Partner G. Steven Murdock: There is a well-known axiom that says, “Those with a taste for the law and sausage should not ask how either one is made.” As Inman & Fitzgibbons continues to monitor the activities of the General Assembly for any…

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce has announced that the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules will be meeting November 13th to discuss the Commission’s rule regarding repackaged drug charges. The fee schedule clarification for physician dispensed repackaged drugs has been filed with the Secretary of State and the Illinois Chamber has provided comments in strong support to...