Arbitrator coverage announced for October

News from the IWCC.  In the wake of the recent terminations, an while we wait for the new appointees to complete their training, the calls of former arbitrators for the rest of October will be handled as follows:

Former arbitrator Arbitrator
DeVriendt Mason
Galicia Black
Giordano Falcioni
Hagan Pulia
Lammie Cronin
Nalefski Mathis
Peterson Dollison
Prieto Pulia 10/17; Kane thereafter


Also, Arbitrators Jutila (Chicago) and Neal (Collinsville) are out on medical leave. Arb. Jutila’s call will be handled by Arb. Williams; various arbitrators will cover for Arb. Neal.

All tried-but-undecided cases will be redistributed soon among arbitrators. Partially tried cases will also be reassigned among arbitrators. The Commission will prepare and pay for a transcript. If parties want a new trial, they can present a motion immediately to the newly assigned arbitrator, who will determine if sufficient cause exists to grant a new trial. 

There will be no pro se arbitrator during October. The IWCC requests that settlement contracts be sent to the assigned or covering arbitrator. 

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