WCRI Study Shows High Worker’s Compensation Medical Costs in Wisconsin

According to a recent study from the Worker’s Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) comparing the price of providing worker’s compensation treatment in 31 large American states,  Wisconsin stands apart as far as the cost of treating injured workers. The study revealed that Wisconsin’s treatment prices were the highest of all the 31 states. To be sure, the results reveal that Wisconsin insurers paid 138% more than the median prices for treatment in 2014 and 2015. Additionally, between 2008 and 2015, the cost of treatment rose by 30% in Wisconsin, transcending the price hikes in all other status. Obviously this is cause for concern to Wisconsin employers and insurers. The study can be accessed by going to the WCRI website at http://www.wcrinet.org/

Please feel free contact us with any Wisconsin worker’s compensation questions. Thanks to Partner Scott McCain for bringing this study to our attention.  Scott works out of the Chicago and Milwaukee offices of Inman and Fitzgibbons.

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