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IL Gov. Pritzker shakes up IWCC with New Appointments

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Earlier today, Gov. Pritzker announced that he is appointing Michael Brennan as Chairman of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. He replaces Joan Fratiani-Atsaves. Other Commission appointments include two, new Public Commissioners. Moving up from her arbitrator...

SB1596 Passes the Illinois House of Representatives

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Following our prior post regarding this piece of legislation, we can now report that on March 14, 2019, the Illinois House of Representatives passed SB1596 on a 70-40-1partisan roll call.  Several key issues that Rep. Jay Hoffman (D-Collinsville),...

Illinois Work Comp Back on the Table with IL SB1596

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This Bill amends the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and the Workers’ Occupational Diseases Act. The Bill provides that certain specific Sections of the Acts limiting recovery do not apply to injuries or death caused by...