The law office of Inman & Fitzgibbons, Ltd., represents businesses throughout the Midwest in the defense of Workers’ Compensation and General Liability claims. The firm’s experience and determination have earned its attorneys the respect of employers, insurers, and third party administrators throughout the country.

Inman & Fitzgibbons, Ltd. began as Michael Inman & Associates, Ltd. in December 1990. The firm was formed with the goal of delivering the highest quality service in a timely and cost effective manner. The firm name was changed to Inman & Fitzgibbons, Ltd. in July of 1999 when Thomas J. Fitzgibbons joined Michael Inman as a partner. Other partners later joined the firm, G. Steven Murdock in 2003, Jack Shanahan in 2004, Kevin Deuschle in 2012, Colin Mills in 2014, Scott McCain and Mark Carter in 2015, Jynnifer Bates in 2016, and Jill Baker and Kristin Thomas in 2018. Client service was and continues to be the firm’s top priority.

Dozens of associates have joined the firm since its inception, enabling the firm to continue providing high quality service while growing rapidly. We are proud of the services we provide to our growing list of clients and we are confident we can meet your needs as well.

Responsive, Cost-Effective Client Service

The attorneys at Inman & Fitzgibbons are committed to delivering sound legal advice in a timely and cost-effective manner. Client service is the firm’s first priority.

Please contact our office to speak with any lawyer at our firm to discuss your Workers’ Compensation or General Liability issues. Inman & Fitzgibbons offers a service plan to fit your business’s specific needs and requirements.

A Focus on Limited Practice Areas

Illinois businesses benefit from the firm’s concentration on Workers’ Compensation and General Liability Defense. The attorneys at Inman & Fitzgibbons, Ltd. Offer a high level of service and experience, have a thorough knowledge of the relevant case law, and have extensive Workers’ Compensation and General Liability trial experience.

A Commitment to Individualized Solutions

The lawyers at Inman & Fitzgibbons, Ltd. know that every Workers’ Compensation or General Liability claim is unique. Inman & Fitzgibbons will formulate an appropriate strategy that takes into account the facts, the medical issues, the legal issues, and the particulars of the geographic locale and the arbitrators or judges involved.

In some cases, an aggressive response leading to litigation will be in the best interest of you and your client. For every client, in every case, the attorneys at Inman & Fitzgibbons, Ltd. work with you to ensure that your legal decisions are good business decisions.

If you are an employer, insurer, or third-party administrator and have any questions about the services we provide, please contact us.

Inman & Fitzgibbons is a proud member and supporter of the following organizations:

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