COVID-19 Update: Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation

A message from the Missouri Division of Workers’ Compensation:

In the interest of your health and safety, and that of employees at the Division of Workers’ Compensation, please note:

Routine matters can be handled by email and tele-conference:
See the local office docketing email chart on the DWC website and below to submit requests for continuance, entries of appearance and withdrawal, and dismissal.

Please do not meet clients and attorneys at DWC offices to handle routine matters, instead please contact clients and other parties before docket settings. Prehearings and mediations can be conducted by tele-conference; requests for in-person meetings may be accommodated.

Urgent matters: Please consider requesting a tele-conference. If an in-person setting is requested the Division will make every effort to accommodate that request. Hardship mediations and hearings are examples of urgent matters. Other requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Settlements: In most cases, a settlement agreement or Stipulation for Compromise Settlement form can be submitted for an Administrative Law Judge to consider, using the local office docketing email below. The Division may schedule a tele-conference at the request of the parties to the case or upon its own determination. A signed copy of the settlement will be emailed to all parties.

Filings submitted to the Division:Please consider submitting your filings such as Claims for Compensation, Answers to Claims for Compensation, etc. electronically through Currently over 58% of all Claims and Answers are submitted this way and a date-stamped copy is generally available within 24 hours. Instructions are available on the DWC website at the following link.

**Please stay tuned to this space for further updates from the jurisdictions handled by the firm. If you have any questions about Missouri claims during this time, please feel free to reach out to Partners Steve Murdock and Jill Baker.

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