I&F Announces Return to 33 North Dearborn

We are pleased to announce that our building at 33 North Dearborn was opened back up to tenants this morning, 18 days after a fire in the bank branch in our lobby shut the entire building down.  As things currently stand, we are split between our temporary office space across the street and the transition back to our home in suite 1825 at 33 North Dearborn.

We remain fully functional, but the difficult part of our transition – returning our administrative staff’s computers and server back to 33 North – is set to occur late Friday afternoon. Our phone lines and attorneys will remain accessible throughout this time period, but access to our computer files may be limited for a brief period.  The objective is to be up and fully running by first light on Monday morning, March 28, 2011.

You should not notice any change in contacting our office and reaching our attorneys over the next couple of days, but the potential for a plug to be unplugged or a circuit to be blown will increase from late Friday afternoon to early Monday, so we ask for your continued patience if a phone goes unanswered or an email is not returned.

We hope our efforts in the last 18 days have made you forget that we were not working out of our regular office space during that time, and we look forward to working with you on our “home court” starting Monday.

Should you encounter any problems, or need to reach someone immediately and can’t reach the office, please contact Steve Murdock (312-446-7223) or Jack Shanahan (312-656-8254) on their cell phones. Thank you again for your continued patience and understanding during this time.


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