Illinois House orders workers’ compensation audit

The auditor general will be sent a resolution approved by the Illinois House ordering an audit of Illinois’ workers’ compensation program. Republican state Rep. Dwight Kay of Glen Carbon initiated the resolution. According to the official summary of the resolution, it seeks an audit that would include “the number of claims filed by state workers during the last four years, a review of the settlement contract process, an analysis of any fraud identification and control policies and procedures, an analysis of arbitrator caseloads over the four-year period, and a review of conflict of interest policies applicable to arbitrators and commissioners.”

The Bellville News-Democrat reports that the Illinois House voted 111-0 on Thursday for an audit of the program “as it applies to state employees.” The newspaper has reported possible workers’ compensation abuses by state prison system workers. The News-Democrat has reported $10 million in compensation to about 390 employees at Menard Correctional Center in Chester. Of those, about 230 guards claimed repetitive trauma from locking and unlocking cell doors.

Senate approval of the resolution isn’t needed. Thanks to the Belleville News-Democrat for its continued reporting. The full article, as well as others that have been recently published on the topic, can be read here.

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