Steve Murdock & Inman & Fitzgibbons Collect Two More Victories at Arbitration

The first case involved a 2003 accident that was accepted, but when the claimant developed more than the expected injuries, including one resulting in a lumbar fusion, and then claimed to be permanently totally disabled, our client drew the line.  In a case with total trial exposure in excess of $500,000, Steve secured a decision denying a claim for three years of TTD and future PTD benefits and instead resulting in an award for 20% loss of a leg and 5% MAW, which after a credit for overpaid TTD resulted in a net award for just under $12,000.

In the second case, the claimant alleged a lumbar injury in an unwitnessed accident.  The claimant had a prior lumbar injury with surgery and permanent restrictions of which his current employer was unaware at the time of hire.  Steve presented sufficient evidence to discredit all of the petitioner’s testimony and obtained a zero in the case following a 19(b) hearing.

Congratulations to Steve and our clients on these victories!

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