Benefits Denied after I&F Establishes Petitioner is at MMI

Inman & Fitzgibbons recently prevailed at arbitration and on review in a recent case handled by Jynnifer Bates on the petitioner’s 19b / 8(a) Motion for additional medical treatment.  The petitioner’s claim was accepted with respect to his diagnosed herniated disc, for which he treated conservatively.  Respondent denied additional medical treatment after its IME doctor…


I&F Case Study: The IME and Issues of Necessary Medical Treatment

Although reasonable people might disagree as to the benefits of chiropractic care in the WC arena, there is no arguing the fact that a long term course of care with a chiropractor for a back injury can lead to a difficult claim.  It’s also no secret that the Commission can express a preference for the…


I&F wins where petitioner fails to carry burden of proof

The Commission recently reversed an unfavorable decision by the Arbitrator as to our client’s liability for renewed treatment and lost time five months after the prior treating physician deemed the claimant at MMI. Our client had paid benefits on a repetitive trauma claim for a couple of years through surgery and follow up care necessitated…