IWCC Repackaging Rule Scheduled for Chamber’s Next JCAR hearing

The Illinois Chamber of Commerce has announced that the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules will be meeting November 13th to discuss the Commission’s rule regarding repackaged drug charges. The fee schedule clarification for physician dispensed repackaged drugs has been filed with the Secretary of State and the Illinois Chamber has provided comments in strong support to the Commission.  The Chamber and IWCC recommendation is that  a physician to be paid using the original labeler’s National Drug Code (NDC), and then paid per the Fee Schedule according to that code.  The Chamber reports that one of the opponents to the rule has offered a “compromise” of tacking on a 30% surcharge to the National Drug Code charge for repackaged pharmaceuticals. This repackaging company is arguing that it needs the surcharge to recover their additional expenses they incur to repackage the drug.

According to the Chamber, the Commission is sticking to its position that the original proposed rule meets the purpose and intent of the statute.

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