Sen. McCarter moves for federal investigation of WC controversy

According to the Decatur Tribune, the controversy caused by recent media reports about the processing of hundreds of workers’ compensation claims, among other issues, in Illinois has prompted State Sen. Kyle McCarter to seek a federal investigation.

The newspaper quotes Sen. McCarter (R-Lebanon) as saying, “A series of reports by the Belleville News Democrat indicate a pattern of possible abuse of the Workers’ Compensation system by not only by those filing claims but also by employees of the system.  Two arbitrators, John Dibble and Jennifer Teague, have already been placed on administrative leave. We need an independent investigation.”

McCarter’s proposal, contained in Senate Resolution 63 (SR63), asks the U.S. Attorney or the Federal Bureau of Investigation, or both, to conduct an investigation.

Read the full Decatur Tribune article here.  The full text of SR63 can be read here.

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