Speaker Madigan calls for audit of state’s WC program

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan has introduced a bi-partisan resolution calling for an audit of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation program “as it applies to state employees.”

The resolution, H.R. 131, was filed Thursday and is co-sponsored by state Reps. Tom Holbrook, (D-Belleville), Dwight Kay (R-Glen Carbon), and and Frank Mautino (D-Spring Valley).

According to the official synopsis of the resolution, it seeks an audit that would include “the number of claims filed by state workers during the last four years, a review of the settlement contract process, an analysis of any fraud identification and control policies and procedures, an analysis of arbitrator caseloads over the four-year period, and a review of conflict of interest policies applicable to arbitrators and commissioners.” Read the full resolution here.

Thanks to the Belleville News-Democrat for continuing to bring these developments to our attention.  Their full article can be read here.

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