Indiana Worker’s Compensation Scheduling Update

The following information has been posted to the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Board Website: Pretrial conferences are cancelled through April 3rd, 2020.  Joint pretrial order forms may be submitted electronically (where applicable) if the parties so desire, using the District email.  Hearings will continue so long as directives from the Governor do not change or the…


Indiana WC Update: Impact of the ODG Drug Formulary

We are now a year removed from Indiana’s adoption of the (the “Formulary”) and its overall impact on worker’s compensation claims remains somewhat uncertain.  This is true as it relates to litigating disputes over prescription drug approval and the broader impact on overall costs associated with worker’s compensation claims and reducing the opioid epidemic. In…


Indiana Court of Appeals Broadens the Definition of Earnings in Calculating the AWW

It is well settled in Indiana that worker’s compensation is meant to benefit employees and that the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Act should be construed liberally.  According to a recent opinion issued by the Indiana Court of Appeals, in Midwest Equipment & Supply, Co. v. Garwood, this liberal construction appears to be especially true as it relates…