Wisconsin WC Advisory Council Recommends Medical Fee Schedule

The Wisconsin Worker’s Compensation Advisory Council, created to advise the DWD and the legislature on policy matters concerning worker’s compensation law, is recommending legislators create a medical fee schedule to reduce workers’ compensation medical costs, according to a news release from mid to late 2017.

Worker’s compensation medical costs are rising quickly in Wisconsin. According to Wisconsin Business Voice, costs in WI were 60 percent above average for injuries that required seven or more days off of work in 2014/15, the latest years studied, and 47 percent above average for all injuries, including those with less than seven days lost time. Moreover, according to Wisconsin Business Voice, if you take a three year average, medical costs in Wisconsin remained the highest in the nation at 39 percent above average; the overall amount spent on worker’s compensation medical bills in Wisconsin has more than doubled since 1994, from $314 million to $648 million in 2014.

Forty-four states have implemented a medical fee schedule to control worker’s compensation medical costs. It’s unclear whether it will gain traction in the Wisconsin Legislature.

Thanks to Partner Scott McCain for this news update.  Scott handles both Illinois and Wisconsin claim on behalf of the firm and works from the firm’s offices in those states.